Infection is the wrong kind of dirty and when thinking about sex. It may be one of the scariest subject for everyone. Keeping things clean so you can get ‘down n’ dirty’ without bacteria nesting in those secret spots – that’s the objective every time.

When sex toys enter the playing field, there are even more hygiene issues to contemplate. Toys can add crazy fun to bedroom capers (whether in tandem with human contact or for your alone time), but cleanliness becomes the most important tool at your disposal to fight off germs. Avoiding contamination at all costs just isn’t possible when human beings are getting close to each other, but prevention is the best way to avoid any problems. A healthy body is good for you and your partner!

Sharing sex toys will increase the chances that STD’s and viruses could spread, so it’s particularly important to focus on cleaning after mutual use. You’ll need a product that disinfects but is non-toxic, since sex toys touch the most sensitive skin areas. Body safe sanitizing will allow you to use toys without fear of possible irritation. Preserving the life span of your sex toys can also help them to work better and longer. So if you have a favorite fun tool, commit to a cleaning routine (and again, fungus is bad).

Now moving on to choosing the perfect cleanser for your toy. Cyberskin, rubber, glass, silicone…there’s a lot out there in different sizes, shapes and materials. Sure, soap and water is the easiest way to achieve cleanliness, but protecting playthings with a mild cleanser designed specifically for a sex toy is the best way to ensure functionality and longevity.

Try taking care of intimate items with JO® REFRESH FOAMING TOY CLEANER or JO Misting Toy Cleaner – Fragrance Free, designed to sterilize with a gentle formula that is both fast acting and leaves no residue behind. The Triclosan and Paraben free option is safe for all toy materials and gentle on hands during use. Our USDA certified NATURALOVE™ toy cleaner offers an even milder, soap free product that provides consumers with an organic toy care option. The natural lemon fruit extract works quickly to keep your toys ready for play! Every item within our USDA NATURALOVE series is formulated and certified to use more than 95% pure organic ingredients. 

Further increase the lifespan of your toys by keeping them dry during storage with JO® REVITALIZE TOY POWDER. Simply clean and dry the item, then apply a thin layer of powder prior to storing. This will help keep that “like new” feeling and stops toys from becoming sticky or oily between uses. It’s available in a fragrance for him, a fragrance for her, and a unisex fragrance-free version for those seeking a natural scent!

How you clean your toys will depend on how you use them. For example, silicone based lubes will be more difficult to remove than water based formulations, and you may have to adjust your choice of toy cleanser accordingly. You may also want to consider the mechanics of your toy. Nothing that runs on a charge or a battery can be submerged in water, so these kinds of toys cannot take a “bath.” Your strategy may include different procedures for different types of products. As long as you give your toys a little love, they will love you back.

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