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For the ladies: Primarily, vibrators are designed to produce orgasm or climax by stimulating the clitoris but can be used anywhere on the body. If you are new to the use of a vibrator you can begin by running it over your face, neck, arms, shoulders, breasts, nipples, tummy, thighs and feet. Progress then to the inner and outer lips of the vagina, the area around the vagina and finally the clitoris. If you find that the clitoris is too sensitive, try putting the vibrator on the chord of the clitoris (just under the skin) right above the clitoris. The most sensitive part of the vagina is the entrance up to about 2″. Find out which speed you prefer, whether you want light or heavy pressure. If you have never used a vibrator before you will be surprised at how forceful, intense and long your orgasms are. Remember your genitals are very sensitive and you must use plenty of lubricant, care is needed here if you are using condoms. Make sure the only oils or lubricants used are water based, or use it covered with a layer of fine material. After prolonged use you may feel bit sore afterwards if you chose the hardest, fastest settings. So be gentle. Make sure you understand what your vibrator was designed to do, some are for outside play only and not for inserting. We will stress this in our product description. If in doubt, anything you want to insert must be smooth, and if it is for anal use, it must have a wide base or handle to stop it getting “lost”.
If you do want to stimulate the anal area remember to hold on tight to the vibrator as anything pushed into the anus has a habit of being sucked in. Let’s try to avoid embarrassing moments in the casualty department!

For the men: these can be rubbed up and down the shaft of the penis and the glans. The underside of the penis near the frenulum is especially sensitive to vibration so check out here. You can use it gently to tickle the scrotum or you can weave it around the perineum. Lubrication is advisable for slicker movement. These areas are sensitive so go gently to avoid bruising.

Deluxe Vibrators (Rabbits)

These are the ultimate for three-way stimulation. The dildo part of the toy can be inserted into the vagina and the clitoris can be stimulated at the same time by the clitoral stimulator. The dildo part of the toy can be used as a penetration toy and vibrations of different speeds and intensities are available by the combination switches on the control panel. Rotating models can be used to stimulate the G spot, with beads to add sensation around the entrance to the vagina, as well as vibrations on the clitoris. They are very useful if you like a feeling of penetration as well as clitoral stimulation. The beads in the shaft of these products provide extra stimulation.

Non-Vibrating Dongs

These are sometimes penis or wand shaped and are used for inserting into the vagina (or anus be careful to make sure they have a handle or a “T” end to make sure they do not get lost). They do not vibrate. You can use them whilst masturbating the clitoris or lips with a finger or vibrator. Try using them in and out at different angles and different speeds to see which is best for you. This is useful when you want to tell your partner what you want another time. They are great for G spot massage of the internal walls of the vagina. Make sure that you use them with plenty of lubrication.

Eggs & Bullets

These are used in much the same way as vibrators but they are smaller and more discreet. They are still just as powerful despite their size, are virtually noiseless and are capable of many settings. They must still be used with lubrication and are not designed to be inserted.

For men eggs and bullets can be rubbed up and down the shaft of the penis and the glans. The underside of the penis near the frenulum is especially sensitive to vibration so check out here. You can use it gently to tickle the scrotum or you can weave it around the perineum. Lubrication is always advisable to avoid bruising. These areas are sensitive so go gently.

Anal Beads

These are a sex toy that can be used by both men and women alone or with a partner. They are smooth round spheres of silicone or plastic resembling a string of large beads. The beads are inserted gently with lubrication one at a time into the anus. At the moment of orgasm or climax they may be pulled out by the handle. Beginners should use smaller beads and graduate slowly to the larger ones. It is all a matter of personal preference to reflect the desired levels of arousal and intensity of sensation needed. There are many nerve endings around the anus and the movement of these beads can be intensely arousing in proximity to the male G spot, the prostate gland. Can the Earth move? You bet! It is advisable to use a condom when using any product anally to keep everything clean and minimise the risk of infection. It is important to note that the lining of the rectum is extremely delicate so it is important to relax and use plenty of lubrication. Do not force anything into the anus. Always select any anal toy that has a wide base or handle to avoid it being sucked in by the natural action of the anus.

Cock Rings

These are bands that can be placed around the penis to prolong erections and increase sensation by maintaining the blood flow in the shaft and head of the penis. Make sure that you can easily remove them, as it is unwise to leave them on for more than 30 minutes. These are especially useful for men able to achieve an erection but are unable to maintain it for whatever reason. Vibrating cock rings are great for couples. Handy Hint: In order to avoid getting pubic hair tangled in the ring (ouch!!!), it is advisable to shave around the area.     


These are used to simulate a vagina or penis. Many masturbators have vibrators fitted to them which can be turned on or off and the intensity of vibrations can be varied. Some masturbators have a “stroking” or up and down movement and can be particularly useful for men that are disabled. Some have ridges or “finger-like” projections inside them to give them a more realistic feel. The most realistic vaginas envelop the penis put into it and are probably the most realistic. It is advisable to use lubrication with them as the friction in use would bruise the delicate skin of the penis. Also it is advisable to us a condom with them, as this makes it more hygienic to use and simplifies cleaning.

It is important to note that when using masturbators fitted with vibrators, it may be the vibrations that will bring about the Climax and not the “up and down” stroking movement. If you can adapt to a different way of masturbating this will enhance your sexual experience. The nerve endings on the penis, the scrotum, perineum and anus are very, very sensitive to vibration and it is possible, with practice, for you to enjoy many climaxes without ejaculating!

Oils & Lubes

Oils, balms and other liquids can create heated, sensual encounters; body dusts are a nice change of pace. They travel better than their oil-based cousins, reducing the risk of spilling heavily scented oil through the travel bag. A body dust is a light powder that you sprinkle on and then rub into your lover’s skin. Generally, body dusts are infused with erotic scents like honey, choc and strawberry, and while they don’t create any slippery friction, they’ll leave your lover’s body extremely smooth for a unique feel during lovemaking. Most Body dusts also come with a feather tickler of some sort to use when applying the dust to your partners skin. If your dust doesn’t come with one, recommend one!

Arousal Balms

Arousal balms aren’t meant for full body massage, they’re intended for concentrated use on sensitive parts of the body, such as the nipples, genitals, inner thighs and other erogenous zones. Most are flavoured. The arousal balm will tingle when first applied, then often acts as a warming oil/agent as it is stimulated, changing from a tingling sensation to a warming sensation, though some people experience tingling for a little longer.

Recommend starting slowly with a small amount of whatever gel you’re using, until you figure out exactly how powerful the effect on your partner is! Some people are more sensitive than others, and a small amount can send them reeling with sensation!

Body Paints

When painting your lover’s body make sure you use long strokes. While the dots of a happy face may look cute, it’s more arousing for your lover to feel a paintbrush or your finger running the length of his or her body.

They don’t call them erogenous zones for nothing… if you want to have fun, paint your lovers upper arms, inner thighs, stomach or other hot spots. Don’t limit yourself to just body paints! Try using chocolate, sundae toppings and whatever else you can get your hands on!

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