Healthy living has all sorts of limitations requiring restraint and regrettably, “moderation” is not a word we usually associate with giant gift bags of rowdy good times. Although no doctor is going to endorse a lifestyle that includes gorging on pizza, booze and drugs, there is one really, really, REALLY fun activity that no one on earth can seem to ever get enough of…and doctors prescribe it all the time!

SEX! The ultimate stress reducer! Have a bunch of it, as much as you (or your partner) can handle! Sexual activity relaxes the circulatory, respiratory and nervous systems, lowering blood pressure (which is great news for your heart). Sex can improve overall temperament and combat anxiety by restraining the firing off of stress signals in the brain. A lack of motivation and fatigue, mood swings…all can be positively improved upon by orgasms.

Sexual activity dispenses hormonal outputs that pack a serious punch. While some get released immediately, others have more of a slow drip action over the time period before, during and after orgasm is achieved. Naturally, it’s different for boys and girls, so that makes it even more complicated (as usual). It’s really a grouping of hormones that gives us such a boost, relaxing the body and enabling all systems to work efficiently together to reduce the impact of stress.

There’s a serotonin and endorphin release for both sexes, but men get more dopamine in an immediate hit during orgasm. This is what can make orgasms so addictive! Women receive a quick attack of oxytocin, whereas men experience more of a steady burn of oxytocin afterwards with a committed partner. However, a guy may already be unconscious by the time this happens because Prolactin, the sleepy hormone, seems to have a greater impact on men than women. Post contact, women exhibit diminishing stress responses after a positive encounter. You can count on a lower, more even, resting heart rate. Emotional support alone does not have quite the same effect as sex does! Our bodies are programmed to connect physically.

Bedroom Olympics can also boost your heart rate, and depending on your level of capability and sheer ambition, you can burn up to 200 + calories in a half hour long lovemaking session. Incorporate different positions and get those muscles flexing, because aerobic intercourse is honestly the absolute BEST way you are ever going experience exercise. Pelvic floor muscles can function more capably in general with frequent orgasms. It’s a workout when these muscles go through repeated contractions during the “O,” strengthening and fortifying every time! Plus, strong, healthy bodies that get enough exercise are just better equipped to fight off stress (and disease!) in the long run.

Good cardiovascular activity is important for healthy people, but sometimes, sex might have to be avoided (if you have a heart condition, for example). For those with any issues that may cause concern, speak to a doctor to be absolutely sure that super charged sex-ercise is okay for you. 

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