JO H20 Candy Shop Lubricant

JO H2O Flavoured Lubricant range offer a flavourful selection of flavoured water-based lubricants designed to enhance foreplay and intimacy. The Candy Shop range will excite your taste buds. Formulated with a pure plant-sourced glycerine and infused with natural flavour extracts, the JO H2O Flavoured Lubricants will excite the taste buds and appetite for pleasure.

The JO H2O Flavoured Lubricant range have no added sugar or artificial sweeteners and are 100% calorie free. As there is no added sugar, and the plant-sourced glycerine provides a natural sweetness, these lubricants are safe for vaginal use. Being water-based, they clean easily with water.

The flavouring in the JO H2O Flavoured Lubricant range is rich and after-taste free. Try these flavours on ice-cream, pancakes, or as cocktail mixers.

plant sourced glycerin

no added sugar or sweeteners

cleans easily with water

mix n’ match flavours

safe for vaginal use and consumption

cruelty free and no animal testing

paraben free

INGREDIENTS: water (aqua), glycerin, hydroxyethylcelulose, potassium sorbate, flavour, sodium chloride, sucralose, citric acid.

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